Mansfield Teal

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Mansfield is available in Teal or Dusty Rose colourways.


The printed fabric is available in 2 qualities:

Cotton Cambric, 142cm wide (145gsm)

Viscose Crepe, 130cm wide (130 gsm)

Colours may vary slightly on different fabrics. Please request a sample pack if you wish to see printed fabric.

This beautiful lightweight soft silk dress is an example of a high end day dress from 1947/48.

This dress is made by Koupy, a member of the model house group. It bears a ‘dinner plate’ or ‘double eleven’ utility label which was introduced at the end of WWII, to denote highest price non utility items. It would have cost a weeks wages to purchase in a high end department store, like Harvey Nichols.

The garment is pictured for reference only & not for sale. It has kindly been loaned by Liz Tregenza.


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